‘Luther’ season 4, episode 2 review: Has justice been found for Alice Morgan?


Luther” season 4 started out with a bang as the premiere loudly proclaimed that Alice Morgan is dead – more so, that she was murdered. With her body being identified by fingerprints and dental records, it seems pretty convincing that she is indeed dead but we aren’t convinced since Alice has been known to play a long con more then once on this show. Luther is back to work, but he’s also digging deeper into Alice’s murder to find out what the truth is.

Did this episode really serve as some sort of fitting conclusion? Both yes and no. We did learn that Megan Cantor was really the one behind it all, snatching the diamonds and destroying Alice and John Luther’s life in the process; however, much of it came about too quickly, and it felt almost like an afterthought in an episode that delivered on standard “Luther” creepiness with Steven Rose. We almost wish that, as fascinating as the closing scene in this story was, it had either been compressed or disposed of altogether. Or, that the season lasted for longer than just two episodes. Maybe then we could dive into Megan more as an adversary to be feared; we got notes of her machinations through this episode, but it is not enough to satisfy and illuminate her motives for killing Alice.

The truth here is that we enjoyed these two stories very much, Idris Elba is fantastic, and there’s enough great stuff going on to help us to forget the fundamental implausibility of it all. Yet, at the same time the two-year wait is leaving fans wanting much more, and hoping that Alice is somehow out there still alive.

In the end, we’ll have to hope for some answers either in another season or a movie. “Luther” gave us intensity, drama, and some great grief-stricken character moments during its two episodes. (Hats off once again to Rose Leslie, proving yet again she has a knack for smaller roles in iconic shows.) We just wish that they gave us more time to go along with it. Grade: B+.

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