‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 13 review: Happy, Toby share an icy, intimate moment

Scorpion“Scorpion” has taken a bit of a break over the holidays, but it’s back tonight and we expect great things from the second half of the season. So far this season we have head some serious heartbreak over Megan dying, but now that Walter and Sylvester have sent her ashes off into space, they are ready to move forward and we expect a bit of a lighter second half of the season – especially since the Toby/Happy romance seems to be back on track!

With it being the New Year, Happy has decided to start reading the book of Toby’s arch nemesis Quincy as she pushes herself to be more… well happy. Walter wants to be more social and is using social media to make friends and it includes making videos of his ferret cooking with Happy’s dollhouse furniture. Cabe is giving up coffee for one whole day and if he makes it then he’ll get $50 bucks from Toby and Cabe easily wins this bet.

The case of the week has the team out in Antarctica where Happy gets lost in the snow and separated from the group. Toby leaves they group to find her, but she’s fallen into a hole and her body is starting to shut down. Is she going to die? After finding all of her stuff at the top of the hole, Toby jumps in to help her… and she’s in rough shape to say the least. He devises a way to keep her warm (which includes them being naked together in a thermal sleeping bag) as Cabe and Walter show up to save them. The very intense moment between Happy and Toby facing death brought them closer together in a way that only this type of situation could. We know that Happy has a long way to go when it comes to opening up to anyone, but she wants to and that’s a start.

We were really happy that Ralph had more of a role in tonight’s episode. We love that character and not only do we want to see Walter’s character grow, we also want to see Ralph grow. We know he can’t really be out in the field, but with Sylvester spending so much time back at the garage we hope this means that we will see more of Ralph helping out like he did on tonight’s case. It was tough watching a soldier give his goodbye message for Ralph to record, but we love that Ralph was strong enough to do that for him. Episode grade: B+

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