‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Meet Emily Ferguson, one of two twins competing for Ben Higgins’ heart

Emily -The Bachelor” does love their twists, don’t they? This is far from the first time that the show has dipped into this well in some shape or form, and we have to think that it won’t be the last. We say that especially because we’re already starting to feel like provided they are entertaining, Emily and Haley Ferguson are locks to be on “Bachelor in Paradise” in the future. It’s the perfect sort of stunt that this show likes to pull.

So is there any reason to take either of these ladies seriously in the journey to fall in love with Ben Higgins? We’re going to start today with Emily, and we’ll move forward into spotlighting Haley on Monday.

Age – 22

Occupation – “Twin.” Yep, the show is really trying to make a mockery of her already; based on what we’ve seen, we do believe that she is actually a cocktail waitress.

Hometown – Las Vegas, Nevada. Hey, it’s a place where there is a massive need for a lot of cocktail waitresses.

Things to know – She has an embarrassing story about peeing her pants in front of people, which begins the trend early of having to hear about these sort of stories. Also, she says the following when asked who she would be if she could be someone else for a day: “My sister! Just to see if she thinks exactly like me or to see how different we really are.” Ugh.

Strengths – She seems to be lively, bubbly, and someone who will try hard to stand out on the first night. Also, Chris Harrison said this about them to Yahoo! TV, potentially in an effort to claim that they are not just a casting gimmick:

“They both watched Kaitlyn’s season and really liked Ben. They discovered that they both wanted to apply for the show, so they both did. This was the first time they have fallen for the same guy, as they usually have differing tastes.”

Problem areas – Even if they are really into Ben and are “there for the right reasons,” they’re probably going to have problems convincing other people of that. We’re having a hard time knowing what makes Emily stand out from Haley beyond their names, and they can’t be thought of as a package deal. They will need to go into the mansion right away, try to downplay the twin gimmick as much as possible, and then assimilate into the group and make friends. Also, spend time separately with Ben. Don’t let the producers force you to do some cheesy thing with him together all the time.

Prediction – We do think it’d be great TV if Ben found himself falling for both twins, but that seems incredibly unlikely. If we had to flip a coin we’d say Haley gets slightly further than Emily, but we’d be shocked if either twin eventually leaves the country with Ben when we get to that point in the season.

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