‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 7, episode 9 (winter finale) review: Aftermath of Lily’s death

tvd -You could have argued that in some ways, last week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” would have worked as a winter finale. Lily Salvatore died after trying to sacrifice herself to destroy Julian; unfortunately for her, she didn’t realize that the link was broken some time ago.

What we saw in the aftermath of this carnage on Thursday night was an eventful, dangerous stretch, one that led to Damon (still not really in mourning mode) and Stefan squaring off with Julian once and for all. Let’s just say that this did not end particularly well. Damon found itself staked like nobody’s business, and was forced to endure the pain and misery of his past.

Now in the file of “stories we did not see coming,” how about that surprise romantic chemistry between Bonnie and Nora? In the wake of her and Mary Louise cutting things off, Nora decided that the perfect distraction would be giving back. Bonnie was already feeling the same way. Unfortunately the end of this story left her knocked out on the ground (is this a quick ending for her and Nora?), and she was not in a position to even help a suffering Damon … or in turn, a suffering Stefan.

The winter finale ended with both Salvatore brothers finding themselves in a situation where they are still alive, but clearly in another place being forced to endure hell. It’s a great cliffhanger and an act of revenge by Julian / the remaining Heretics on their side. We know that they’ll make it through it … but will they be stuck in some sort of purgatory until the flash-forward? That’s the real question following this pretty-thrilling episode. Grade: B+.

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