‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 9, episode 10 review: Are Sheldon and Amy together again?

Big Bang -For the first twenty or so minutes in Thursday night’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” we were left to ponder over an earworm that was trapped in Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s head. By the time we rolled around to the end of the hour, though, this story evolved and became so much more.

The admission is something that you saw coming: Sheldon told Amy that he loved her and wanted her back. What’s more important is that this admission does help to wipe away some of our overriding concerns with the last episode and Amy’s confession to Sheldon that she still had feelings for him. When Sheldon turned her down, it felt as though he was taking her heart into his hands and stomping all over it cruelly, and this came after a lengthy period of time in which there was cruel behavior on his part towards her in the relationship. She didn’t need to take any more flack from him.

Do we still think that she is letting Sheldon off easy for the “Fun with Flags” disaster? Sure, but he went above and beyond what we expect from him. The moment that he realized that he had a Beach Boys song because it reminded him of Amy, he went over and confessed his feelings for her while her current date Dave was there. Hats off to the producers for getting Stephen Merchant back for this; he’s an incredibly-funny guy, and it added a nice wrinkle to have someone oddly in his corner even though he had no reason to do so.

In the end, it’s hard to imagine any ‘shippers of “Shamy” feelings unsatisfied after this.

As for the B-story of the evening regarding Howard and Raj stalking a “fan” of Footprints on the Moon, it was a little like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch: Funny for the first two-thirds, and then it fell kind of apart at the end. Having the fan scare the two guys away felt a little tacked-on, like there was no great idea for how to end the story other than to get the guys out of that situation. We’ll still say that the story was worth it, even with the awkward ending. Leonard, Penny, and Bernadette were mostly supporting characters throughout this episode, but they did contribute good one-liners about pigeons, Dave’s size, and much more. Grade: A-.

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