‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ episode 9 review: Will Drake’s red wedding

Will Drake -At some point in the early going on Wednesday night’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” episode, Will Drake received quite the Nostradamus sort of prediction from Mrs. Evers: If he continued to be attached to the Countess, sooner or later terrible things are going to be happen to them.

Well, that something terrible happened at the end of the episode. Will fell victim to being so naive as to trust that Lady Gaga’s character had the best of intentions for him, and she imprisoned¬†him right after Mr. March exposed the truth regarding her child to him. It was a pretty horrible way to go, mostly because of how Ramona killed him in order to satisfy her own hunger … while the Countess watched from her creepy new television that she had installed so she and Donovan can play their game.

Oh, Donovan’s now on Team Countess all over again, which infuriated his mother. Iris’ reaction to seeing what happened with Donovan was priceless, and probably the best part of what was, at least for the most part, a much-improved episode of the show. We had humor, we had surprises, and more than anything, we had the return of the evil kids! We’ve been waiting for them.

Sure, there are still some moments here and there on this show that made little sense, and we didn’t exactly care for the Ramona backstory. Still, at least this episode gave us some forward movement, and Mr. March finally did something in the present that matters! That alone is a cause for celebration.¬†Episode Grade: B-.

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