‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: Is a love from Red’s past entering the picture?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe third season of “The Blacklist” has not been one to leave a lot of room open for romance, at least when it comes to the primary characters. Sure, we had the Ressler hook-up in the midseason finale, but for Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington, they’ve been pretty occupied on trying to ensure she evades capture. Unfortunately, that did still happen, and we’re going to have to wait until January to see what happens next.

So is there something romantic coming for either James Spader or Megan Boone’s character in the new year? Sort of. According to TVLine, the show is casting a woman in her thirties or forties to play a past love of Red’s named Catherine, who is described as “exotic and sophisticated” and is from the “not-too-distant past” of the character. It will be interesting to see how she enters the picture, but she may not be a love interest for him in the present. The casting notice (which is for the 13th episode of the season) states that she ended up marrying another man. She is also the daughter of an illegal arms dealer.

Ultimately, we’re excited about any story that gives us more of a window into the sould of who Reddington really is, given that he often speaks in as much of a veil of secrecy as possible. Also, he seems to be the perfect future spokesman for Most Interesting Man in the World based on how many people around the world he seems to know.

We’ll hopefully have some more news about this character in the weeks ahead; odds are, they will announce a casting well before we get around to this episode airing next year.

(Photo: NBC.)

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