‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 12 review: Who was injured? Also, family visit!

Keith -

Going into Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance,” there were questions and promos aplenty about someone being injured from the game, really so much so that concerns over it started to supersede talk of any strategic moves or plays that could be made.

By the time we got around to the 38-minute mark, we started to get an idea of where this episode was going to be going. Joe passed out during the end of an epic immunity challenge, one that went on against Keith for almost an hour and a half. Credit does have to go to Keith for winning, but Joe passing out shows just how vulnerable almost anyone is in this game. It doesn’t matter who you are.

What made matters even worse for Joe was the fact that he was a target of virtually everyone left in the game. Strangely, his incident made him even more of a target, since it showed just how far he is willing to go in order to stay alive. The only thing potentially saving Joe in the game is the notion that there is an all-woman alliance that could run the table if a man is voted out. That has Jeremy nervous enough to consider writing down someone else. Specifically, Joe pitched the idea of getting rid of Abi, since she is not a threat to anyone.

We have to say that the show completely sold us hook, line, and sinker on the idea of the idea of the guys joining forces and getting rid of Abi. Our guess is that Tasha didn’t bite, and so nobody went through with the plan. Joe’s gone, but at least he really fought hard in is last few minutes out there. He’s more than just a strong guy, and that shouldn’t be forgotten. Now there is huge danger for the remaining men, but Jeremy does have an immunity idol. If Tasha is with them still, this is something that he can use to his advantage moving forward.

This episode was great as a whole; we know that not everyone loves the family visit, but there is something emotional that comes out of seeing these people reunite with those they care about. Also, more sightings of Dale Wentworth and Val Collins! Grade: B+.

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