‘Fargo’ season 2, episode 9 review: A Gerhardt motel massacre, also UFO’s

FargoEd and Peggy are facing some serious charges on this season of “Fargo” now that Lou and Hank have found them. They have broken numerous laws and are standing in a cabin with Dodd Gerhardt dead on their floor. Will they be able to get out of this mess or are they going to jail? Perhaps, Hank and Lou can find a way to use them to stop this gang war?

Lou and Hank (and other officers from 2 other states since this mess crosses-over) hear Peggy and Ed’s story and learn that Ed has a meeting with Mike to trade Dodd for their freedom. Lou tries to warn Peggy and Ed not to participate in this because they may end up dead, but no one is listening to him. The other officers asks them to meet with Mike, wear a wire and get them to admit to wrong doings and they agree.

Hanzee calls the Gerhardt’s and tells them that he’s found Dodd and lies to Floyd saying that he is still alive and that Kansas City has him at a motel. She says that she’s coming down to deal with this problem with her best men.

While waiting in a room at the motel with the detective, Peggy hints to Ed that they should knock him off and escape, but Ed says no. Instead while everyone is sleeping at the motel, (Ed, Peggy, all the cops and Hank), the entire Gerhardt family shows up along with Hanzee as he tells them that this is where Kansas City is and where Dodd is being held. They have no idea that they are being set up to kill a lot of cops and Floyd is there to watch it all go down. It’s a complete mess, but the detective guarding Peggy and Ed is able to save them… but he can’t be saved from Peggy after she smashes him in the face and they use this as a chance to escape. Once the Gerhardt’s realize that they’ve been tricked by Hanzee, he stabs Floyd dead and then takes out the rest of the Gerhardt clan that wasn’t killed by the cops. Hank also took a bullet, and it looks like he’s going to make it, which is good for Lou because he doesn’t know it yet, but his wife collapsed while he was out on the job.

For some reason tonight’s episode had a narrator, which hasn’t been present in any other episode all season, so that was a little weird making this feel like a bit of a stand alone episode even though it wasn’t. Also the UFO nonsense we had hoped was gone returned tonight as a giant flying saucer hovered the motel at the end of the massacre. Fairly good episode… and then the UFO’s came. Episode grade: B-

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