NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Jordan Smith, Jeffery Austin, Emily Ann Roberts look to rule top 10 show

VoiceThe Voice” is back in action once more! Monday night’s new episode features the top ten contestants fighting for their singing-show lives, knowing that in just a matter of weeks, this will all be over and the show will crown its winner. The main question we have for now is if anyone has the capacity to stop longtime favorite Jordan Smith.

As always, we’re going to present updates throughout the night as time goes by. Stay tuned!

Jeffery Austin, “Jealous” (Team Gwen) – Did Jeffery give this song to many a proper introduction? We’re feeling like the answer there is a clear yes. This was stunning. Beautiful vocals, great interpretation of the lyrics, and a hunger in his eyes. It’s a shame that Jeffery is starting the night since he won’t get more attention for this.

Emily Ann Roberts, “She’s Got You” (Team Blake) – Did this performance get us on board? It was very nice. Last week was probably the best of Emily’s run, but this was a very solid, consistent vocal. The one that probably hurts it the most is coming on after Jeffery.

Braiden Sunshine, “Radioactive” (Team Gwen) – Did Braiden finally have a breakout performance? We’ve been hard on the kid, so we will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that most of the vocals here were pretty good. He’s still not the best singer remaining, but he may get another week or two following this.

Shelby Brown, “Go Rest High on that Mountain” (Team Adam) – Did this song play out to Shelby’s strengths? We’d say that it did more so than other recent ones on the show, and more than that this is the sort of sweeping, emotional song that will inspire iTunes sales. Be ready for her to get her highest ranking to date.

Korin Bukowski, “Same Old Love” (Team Gwen) – Did Korin mix up this Selena Gomez hit? We’re not going to say that it was the most impressive rearrangement in history, but it got the job done! It was a little bit wooden in spots, but this performance should at least inspire a little bit of confidence among fans that she is worthy of another week.

Amy Vachal, “Bye Bye Bye” (Team Adam) – Was this a welcome bit of nostalgia? We’d say it was a little bit of a letdown. Too much band swallowing her up, and not enough of a showcase of her uniqueness. We’re sure that she will stick around for a chance at redemption; she could need it, given that this was a clear miss for someone that has been for the most part solid.

Jordan Smith, “Hallelujah” (Team Adam) – Did Jordan give new life to an overdone song? We’re not sure about that, but he did give a great vocal performance to this song. The problem with it is precisely underwritten in the critique; we’ve heard this song so many times before! There’s just not much that is different that Jordan can do with it.

Zach Seabaugh, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Team Blake) – Did Zach rock the stage tonight? We’re not going to say that his hip-gyrating and dancing around makes for the best entertainment ever, but we’ll at least give him some credit for trying. We’ll take his entertainment any day over someone not even really trying.

Madi Davis, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (Team Pharrell) – Was this as fun as the title implies? The arrangement wasn’t really meant for it to be that “fun” per se, but it did allow her to show off her voice and his some pretty notes. She’s all Pharrell has left, but luckily she really delivered here.

Barrett Baber, “I’d Just Love to Lay You Down” (Team Blake) – Was this a standout performance from Barrett? It was at least a return to form to him in hopes of getting back to his roots. This was his best number in weeks as a solid country vocal. We’re not sure it screamed “star,” but iTunes tomorrow could present an argument otherwise.

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