‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: The mystery of the briefcase!

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhat is in the briefcase on “The Blacklist”? There are many questions related to the NBC show that you probably want some sort of answer to, and it is possible that it may have gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle of your mind somewhat thanks to the wide array of other things going on with this show at the moment, from the arrest of Liz to the further complications this causes both her and Red as he tries to find a way to protect her.

While the show is not returning to NBC until January, you better believe that we are going to get some sort of answers when it comes to the briefcase in due time. This information comes to us courtesy of executive producer Jon Bokenkamp, who said the following on the subject in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“What is in that case is key … As Red had said, the ‘care package,’ as we’re calling it, is critical to the mission of freeing Liz. The care package is now in the hands of not our task force, but the FBI, who captured Liz. They’ve now lost one of their key ingredients in the recipe and it’s going to be a bit of a mess getting it back.”

Given that we do have the Director and more to worry about, we’re not sure that the “care package” will get an immediate resolution in the second part of the season. Just know that it is very much there, and it is something that the show’s characters are not going to be forgetting about in any shape or form.

(Photo: NBC.)

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