‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 11 review: Was Joe finally vulnerable?

Joe -

What happens when Joe loses immunity? This is something that we’ve wondered when it comes to “Survivor” for quite some time. He is a huge challenge threat, and it makes a whole lot of sense to get rid of him the moment you can. After all, are you really going to keep someone in the game who could be a major threat down the line?

Well, the funny thing is that at around 9:45 tonight, it started to feel like Joe was going to find a way to stick around, and he did! This was one of the strangest votes that we’ve seen to date, but in the end, Stephen’s time was finally up. Where exactly did he go wrong? It’s hard to really say, but we’d argue that going for the advantage was probably the biggest flaw since it put such an obvious target on him when it could have been directed somewhere else. Should he have brought other people on the reward? Maybe, but we think he’d have been better off not winning the reward at all. What Stephen’s game proved to us this time is that while it is so easy to say that there is a certain right way to play, it all goes out the window when you are cold, hungry, and paranoid.

Also, there is the Joe part of this. If Stephen hadn’t bothered with splitting the votes, he could’ve at least tied things up and come up with a way to get Abi out of the game … or even Joe, if they had played out the numbers differently. With him gone the rest of the game somewhat descends into chaos, and we’re not really sure who is aligned with who anymore. Is that fun? Definitely. It’s not so fun that Stephen is gone from the game since he is one of our favorite players ever, but this move once again keeps there from being an extremely dominant alliance.

At this point, we can state with even more confidence that we don’t have any clue what is coming up next. By the way, massive kudos to Spencer. That’s the sort of move you make if you want to win this game. Grade: A.

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