Crossover November: Could ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Galavant’ have awesome collision course?

Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time has become more or less our go-to spot for all things awesome on ABC. During the fall and the spring, we’ve got “Once Upon a Time.” Through the winter, we’ve got around a month’s work of “Galavant” episodes. Both shows are fantasy-based, filled with interesting characters, and plenty of fun. The twist? One is a serious fairy-tale drama, and the other is about as silly as humanly possible.

Yet, we do still find ourselves wondering what would happen if you sent a couple of “Once Upon a Time” characters into the kingdom at least previously occupied by King Richard and his fantastic beard. Could this be a worthy addition to our collection of Crossover November ideas? Read on to find out.

The case for a crossover – We’re thinking first and foremost that the real benefit here is that it could be the closest we ultimately get to a pure “Once Upon a Time” musical episode, which we can guarantee right now is something that we’d absolutely love to see. Why wouldn’t you want to relish the opportunity to have Lana Parrilla or Jennifer Morrison show off some of their comedy chops … and their vocal ability? We’re thinking that you could throw Regina, Emma, Charming, or someone else into the “Galavant” world, where they are forced to conform to some of their surrounding madness to not create suspicion. Maybe they stay for an episode or two, and then leave in a way where they don’t reference it ever again. It’s like the “Frozen” arc.

One other obvious benefit is that it brings more attention to “Galavant,” a show we love but also one that is very under-served at the moment in the ratings.

The case against it – It’s such a reach to throw characters from one show onto another, and then ask the actors to play the same character in an extremely different way. The only way it even works is if you bring “Once Upon a Time” characters into the “Galavant” world, since it would be too jarring the other way around and take away some of the characters’ charm. Also, we suppose you could argue that in between the Enchanted Forest and now Camelot, “Once Upon a Time” has hung out at enough castles to satisfy them for the remainder of the series.

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