‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 11 review: Erin’s latest investigation shows her resolve

With a witness ready to clear Roman’s name on “Chicago PD” the investigation into his shooting should be over now. Last week’s episode was good for Roman and also brought some closure for Voight on his wife’s death as we saw the doctor that “helped” her through her cancer get put away for fraud and murder. The episode was a lot less “Chicago PD” and a lot “Chicago Law”… are we seeing the rumblings of another new show for the Dick Wolf “Chicago” series?

Well, the good news on that front is mostly that there are some plans at the moment for there to be another entry in the Chicago pantheon … eventually. That was announced at TCA, but it was not too big of an issue in Wednesday’s episode. The primary push of this installment was watching Erin Lindsay lead an investigation into a 14-year old girl who was sexually assaulted, someone she was so intent on getting justice for that in the process of helping her, she put her own life at risk in a big way. It was some great material for Sophia Bush, but also very risky for Lindsay to fight at times without backup. Once the perp was eventually caught, she went back to the victim to tell them the news before settling down for a drink.

On a more personal note, Platt and Mouch learned at the end of the episode that they are going to have to pay for their own wedding, which poses some logistical challenges to them if they want to have a big ceremony. Let’s just say that being a police officer is hardly the sort of thing that commands a huge salary to go along with it.

There were some tender moments from Voight in here, and while this felt much more like a typical “Chicago PD” episode than last week’s crossover, there was still a “Chicago Fire” presence in here to better determine how a certain sort of gas made it into the house where the assaults took place. Episode grade: B

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