Charlie Sheen’s ‘Today Show’ interview: Talks HIV Positive status, support, losing money

Charlie Sheen seems to be constantly a subject of conversation, and on Tuesday morning he brought that conversation to “The Today Show” for a lengthy interview where he talked for the first time about his status as HIV Positive.

The interview itself was just about everything that you would want from one featuring the former “Two and a Half Men” star, mostly in that it came across as very honest as he revealed some of his own pitfalls. For example, he made it clear to Matt Lauer that he knew he put himself in the position to to contract the disease thanks to his party-focused lifestyle, and that he knew that there would be some threatening lawsuits, claiming that he infected them in some way. He already admits that hehas paid out probably $10 million over the past several years to people threatening to expose the secret.

As for the future, Sheen also said that he is planning to do more TV and film work (his finances are not the same as they once were), and so far those he has told in the entertainment industry) have not held it against him in any way. He also does not directly correlate his very-public meltdown following his “Two and a Half Men” dismissal to the diagnosis, saying more that it was a small contributor factor.

It’s a fascinating interview; even if you are not a fan of Sheen’s, it is still a perspective on having a disease that you do not often get. Take, for example, his discussion on outreach. While he admits that he is not interested in being necessarily the poster child for HIV, he will still do his part at the right moments and the right times.

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