‘The Good Wife’ season 7, episode 7 review: Who got engaged?

Good Wife -It is not often that we can say that our favorite moment of “The Good Wife” season 7 is a Howard Lyman scene, but that is precisely what we had on Sunday night when he decided to completely paralyze Peter by announcing that he and her mother are getting married. This was actually one of many great scenes for Peter in this episode, who had to get further accustomed to the notion that now that he is running for President, everyone is going to be looking at his every move.

Of course, this meant him and Alicia having to force themselves closer together again, including with what we may describe as one of the most awkward “bedroom sessions” (that’s a good way to describe this) that we’ve ever seen. Eli’s face at the end of it was almost as great as Peter’s when Howard spilled the beans.

The fun that we had seeing Alicia and Peter pass some of the “ordinary family” tests was entertaining enough to make up somewhat for a driverless car story, which really only made us think about the episode of “Silicon Valley” where Jared got himself stuck in one and delivered to the middle of the ocean. We would’ve preferred at least three or four less minutes of it and more of the “vote” we got to at the end, something that Alicia took a stand on at the end of the episode by not raising her hand.

Who wants to bet that the stories with the voting machines, Howard, and Jason Crouse finding a way to sneak time in with Alicia are far from over? It’s what we are at least betting after this one. Grade: B.

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