‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 8 (fall finale) review: Was Liz Keen finally captured?

The Blacklist logo any seasonNow that Ressler and Samar have hooked up on “The Blacklist” we are wondering if this is going to be a one time thing or is this going to be built into something bigger? Also how is Aram going to deal with this when it eventually comes out that they slept together? Aram may not be with Samar, but he obviously has a pretty strong attraction to her.

Well, Amar was not too happy a man when he started to figure out what happened in the fall finale Thursday, but to be fair, neither was Samar by the end of the episode. Mere hours after sleeping with her Ressler fired her, as it was revealed that she was the one who made life all the more difficult for him in the search for Liz and Red. We’ve never been a huge fan of the Samar character, so for now Aram is really the only reason we want her to stick around.

Elsewhere, Liz finally was captured by Ressler after an extended search, but mostly from our vantage point because she was distracted with Jasper and getting Red back from the Kings. We’re sure that Ressler at this point probably doesn’t care why he has her, just that he does … but here’s to thinking that this plan of getting her behind bars does not work quite as well as he thinks.

While Cooper and Tom had their fun off at a cabin (define fun), no midseason finale is complete without death! Tonight, it was Reven Wright who met a grisly fate at the hands of Chairman Hitchen, proving yet again that asking too many questions about shady operations probably is not the right way to go about your business.

We’ll give “The Blacklist” some credit for actually doing something unexpected in locking up Liz, which we assumed was not the direction that this was going. At the same time, there were almost too many stories going on for the show’s own good, and for a fall finale, we would’ve preferred a little more focus. Episode grade: B.

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