‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 9 review: Did Sylvester and Megan get married?

Walter and Sylvester have very different ideas on what they want to do for Megan and because of it we foresee some animosity growing between them and wonder if it will seep over into the “Scorpion” garage. Walter wants Megan to get a more aggressive treatment for the respiratory infection she has and Sylvester wants to respect Megan’s wishes. So what’s going to happen?

Walter went above Sylvester and Megan’s wishes and got a court order so that he could have full control over Megan’s health and choices because he thinks she’s unfit to make her own decisions. This now includes having a breathing tube and being kept alive under circumstances that she didn’t want. When they remove the tube and she is able to talk, she privately begs Sylvester to not allow Walter to do this to her again if she takes another turn for the worse, and even though he tells her that Walter has a court order to do what he wants when it comes to her health, he promises her that he won’t let him do this to her again. After the mission, Walter comes back to the hospital to find out that not only is Megan no longer on the incubator, but that Sylvester has married Megan and now has power over his wife, so now she can have what she wants. Walter was surprised by what Sylvester did, but realized that he didn’t want to hurt her anymore by forcing more procedures on her that she doesn’t want, so he’s instead going to find another way to save her life if he can.

Ralph was also back this week, and even though he doesn’t have a big role in this episode, we are happy to see him at the garage. The team is working to get his grades up in gym! We wish that Ralph was more involved this season, but we will take anything we can get.

It was so touching to see the lengths that Sylvester would go to in order to help Megan get what she wants. It’s a difficult and beautiful decision that Sylvester and Megan made together – there is real love there from both Sylvester and Walter and it’s nice to see that a show that infuses so much humor and action can also have these deep and touching moments.  Episode grade: B

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