‘Supergirl’ season 1, episode 4 review: Thanksgiving with Supergirl

Supergirl -“Supergirl” has had some stumbles in these first few episodes giving us a deeper insight into the Kara character. We get that she wants to do good and help save people, but we feel that there’s more to her then just this and we are really looking forward to getting to know her better. With Lois Lane’s sister showing up to have a “talk” with James, Kara isn’t sure where her feelings for him are going to land and we hope that means that we will have a better look at what’s inside that heart of hers.

We had a thanksgiving episode this week where Kara’s foster mom came into town to see her and Alex (Wynn was invited to join them for some food and merriment). She also asks James if he wants to come but he reveals that he’s going away with Lucy alone for a romantic getaway instead – looks like these two are giving it another try.

Alex is worried that her mom is going to be upset that Kara came out as Supergirl, and blame her for not protecting Kara, so Kara suggests that Alex comes out about working for the DEO to show their mom that Alex’s whole life is protecting people. Alex’s mom finds out and is mad about the situation, just like she suspected would happen and she reveals what her job really is and that she protects Kara all the time. Her mom is even more angry, but not for the reasons that Alex thought – we learn that their mom has known about the DEO for years and doesn’t trust them after they came to their house when Kara was a child to try and take her away for testing. Instead her foster father offered up himself to work with them and he was never heard from again.

A radio personality that works for Cat decides to go after Supergirl in the worst way possible while on the air- putting down her clothes, body, and talking about her sexuality. Cat is not impressed to say the least and transfers Leslie to doing the weather when she refuses to stop talking negatively about Supergirl. Cat says that the city loves Supergirl because she brings positivity to the city at a time when it really needs it. While Leslie is in the helicopter, it spins out of control and while supergirl is saving her a bolt of lightening gives her superpowers. With Leslie’s anger against Cat for taking her job away, she decides to use her powers to get her revenge on Cat. It brings Cat and Kara together for a brief moment as Cat learns about Kara having foster parents. It also brings Supergirl closer to Cat as they work together to stop Leslie.

This show has taken a while to find it’s footing and while it’s still not there yet, there is potential here to become a much better show. There are a lot of positive messages in this show, it just needs to let us have a deeper connection with the characters and let us get to know Kara better since we have barely scratched the surface with her. Episode grade: B-

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