‘Gotham’ season 2, episode 8 review: Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean’s ‘wedding day’

Jim Gordon“Are you tired of hiding your true self?”

This question is one that Barbara Kean asked Jim Gordon on Monday night’s new episode of “Gotham,” one that certainly brought matters to a peak for these two characters. What ensued were a series of situations where their true selves did become clear. Jim was a man so blinded by justice to the point that he fell completely into Barbara and Theo Galavant’s latest trap, which involved a staged wedding-of-sorts at the cathedral. He thought that he could get through to her using his charm and their past. Not so much.

As for Barbara, her flaw is clear: She is mentally unstable, and obsessed with Jim on a “Fatal Attraction” sort of level. Logically, there was also little way that this was going to end with her still being alive at the end credits. Like with Jerome, she went too deep. She entered a plan without no reasonable means of an escape. She may not have even wanted to. Once she ensured that Jim could have no one else, even by taking his life, she probably entered a part of the equation she had never considered.

Of course, this is a series that does defy logic, and Barbara somehow is still alive despite falling from a stained-glass window. Hey, Erin Richards is a series regular. We love Evil Barbara, but what else do you do with her other than cause problems for Jim and Lee Thompkins.

The one thing that Jim and the GCPD did get from Barbara was the location of the former Mayor, which they did uncover. This led to the arrest of Galavan, who Bruce Wayne almost sold the company to. Unfortunately, he did not get what was at one point promised to him: Information on who killed his parents.

Our final key moment of the episode beyond all of this was Edward Nygma finding Oswald out in the middle of the woods in a trailer. This should be fun. Episode Grade: B.

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