‘The X Factor’ UK rankings: 4th Impact rivaled by Anton Stephans, Louisa Johnson in week 2

The latest news -Our second week of “X Factor” rankings are here, and they once again show off what we believe to be an interesting trend. Contestants getting positive edits or having broad emotional appeal are near the top, whereas those in danger have either been controversial, forgotten, or in categories with bad history in the competition. The truth is that it is still so early that there is so much time for things to evolve and change.

New to the rankings? Well, know we base them on performance quality, screen time, edit, and of course voting history both this season and with similar acts in the past.

11. Mason Noise (last week: 13) – Mason gave a solid performance of “Sorry” on the last live show. What’s the problem? It is really so simply as the fact that he still is controversial, and some of the headlines this past week (bogus as they are) fail to help his cause.

10. Kiera Weathers (11) – She will get a slight bump because she was just saved by the judges, but remember that there is also a double-elimination coming. Unless she has a massive performance, she could still be in jeopardy.

9. Reggie ‘n Bollie (12) – The proved yet again this past show that they are really fun, and their energy helps to offset the fact that they are the worst singers this season by far. Just remember for a minute here that it is pretty familiar practice for one or two groups to be wiped out really early.

8. Max Stone (8) – His take on “Someone Like You” was polarizing despite his originality, and lack of screen time has to be considered eventually a concern for him. The fact that he is a guy with a guitar, a popular archetype, will help him for now.

7. Lauren Murray (6) – Was she good in her first week? Sure, but in going first and singing an older song, we’d argue that she may be a tad more forgettable than some of the other people who hit the stage.

6. Monica Michael (9) – Monica earned the rise after a very strong performance this past episode. While we still don’t think that she plays necessarily to a universal crowd, her talent is without question, as is her passion. She should continue to win fans over.

5. Seann Miley Moore (5) – What Seann needs in this competition are people who adore him so much that they can form an army around him, since Simon Cowell is right: He’s too out-there for some people. Personally, we think the competition without him is relatively boring.

4. Che Chesterman (3) – Che gave a very solid performance on this past episode, and while he did do some creative things in mixing up the songs, we recommend that he get a tad more current the next few weeks if he wants to really develop a reputation as the guy most likely to win.

3. Louisa Johnson (2) – Louisa had a killer moment on the show last week, and we also get the sense that she is someone production would love to see come out of this the champ. They’re not going to set it up for her by any means, but she could genuinely be a star once this is over.

2. Anton Stephans (4) – We’re giving Anton the bump up thanks mostly to the passionate support we saw from the crowd and the British public last week. Right now, he may be the sentimental favorite, and that plus a wonderful voice goes a long way.

1. 4th Impact (1) – The fact that the ladies obliterated our poll last week says a good bit, but we are also aware that it is somewhat misleading given that Britain really controls this show, and many of their fans are in the Philippines. We still think there’s enough of a crossover to consider them the favorites, especially given the amount of press and attention they are destined to receive.

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