‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 7 review: What did Annalise say about Wes?

How to Get Away with Murder -

Tonight on “How to Get Away with Murder,” Bonnie declared her lack of trust for Asher. Meanwhile, Frank talked about “spanking” people, Nate was cleared of any wrongdoing when it comes to his wife’s death, and Eve and Annalise talked about a future in Paris.

Yet, most of this fades into the background when it comes to two simple words: “It’s him.” What did this mean when Annalise said these words out loud to her sometimes-lover? The obvious suggestion among the fans online is that this is definite proof that Wes is in fact her son. If that’s the true, that makes all of the talk about possible romantic chemistry between the two extremely awkward.

Elsewhere in the world of Annalise, Bonnie was none too pleased about her actions, especially in regards to her move on Rebecca. Here’s some fuel for the fire of those who think Wes is her son: Given that Wes loved Rebecca, would she try harder to protect her? The relationship between Bonnie and Annalise is at a breaking point, and this was a long time coming.

When it comes to the story of the siblings, Oliver was the one who decided to make a sacrifice for the good of the group, and it led him to a face-to-face meeting with one of the last people he would want to see: Philip. Don’t you think that interaction will be interesting next week? How would it not be is the better question.

Anyway, enough with the current timeline. It’s flash-forward time! In the closing minutes tonight, did we just witness Bonnie become a tangible serial killer? We’d say so if she really is tacking up the habit of sending people several stories to their death. The ending was nuts. If you’re watching live, it’s pretty darn hard to know everything that is happening as it is happening.

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