‘Fargo’ season 2, episode 5 review: Are Peggy and Ed on the run?

Fargo season 2Now that Lou is onto Peggy and Ed we wonder what their next move is going to be: Will they come clean about Rye, or leave town? Will the Gerhardt family find them before they have a chance to do anything? And speaking of the Gerhardt family, Floyd has declared a full out war on the Kansas City mafia after they declined her offer and went after her husband. Things are going to get interesting on this episode of “Fargo”.

With the belt buckle being found in Peggy and Ed’s fireplace we worried that they would be hunted down by the Gerhardt family and killed for Rye’s death, but instead it is presented to Floyd as a move made by Kansas City. That a man named “the Butcher” found Rye, and used him as leverage to make the Gerhardt’s fold, and later killed him. This motivated Floyd to have her crew hit back at Kansas City really hard and they took out a lot of their men including one of the kitchen brothers and the head of the Kansas City mafia. She should be feeling good about this, but it’s not enough for Floyd and she wants the butcher dead.

With the warning from Lou, Peggy wants to leave town and go to California, but Ed refuses. He still plans to stay in his home, buy the butcher shop and start a family, but he’s having a hard time finding the money he needs to buy the business. While Ed is at work (almost getting himself killed by Charlie Gerhardt who chickened out), Peggy packs her stuff, picks up her car from the mechanic and starts to drive off, but can she really go through with it? Instead she decides to offer the mechanic her car to get the money for Ed to get the butcher shop.

After messing up his first kill, Charlie goes back to the butcher shop to try to kill Ed again, but he misses every time and ends up setting the shop on fire. When a second gunman comes in he tries to finish the job Charlie started, but Ed is able to kill that man and save Charlie’s life… unfortunately the butcher shop is burning to the ground.

We are curious to see where Ed and Peggy will go from here. Without the butcher shop, and the attempts on his life, Ed tells Peggy that they have to pack and leave town and we were wondering why they ever stayed as long as they did. It was great to see Lou pulling up to their house in the last moments of the episodes since there wasn’t nearly enough of him this episode. Episode grade: B-

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