‘Faking It’ season 3 spoilers: Will Felix, Zita return?

The finale of “Faking It” season 2 aired on MTV Monday night, and it did so with a variety of different surprises in the mix. We learned that Felix was a recovering alcoholic, Lauren and Amy’s parents are splitting up, Liam’s father is officially out there, and Amy departed for a summer of video work as a way to get over her feelings for Karma.

You probably know for sure at this point that Katie Stevens, Rita Volk, and the majority of the other regulars on the show will be back. But what about Zita and Felix? Like with Theo, they started out as just small additions to the mix, and they eventually became much more important as the season goes on. The good news that we have for you is that per executive producer Carter Covington’s comments to TVLine, you will see both characters again in season 3:

“I was so thrilled with Chloe Bridges and Parker Mack [who plays Felix]. They’re both really nuanced actors who got the tone of the show, and they’re really nice people we enjoy being around, so it was kind of a win-win.”

As for the relationship between Amy and Karma, Covington confirms that we will continue to explore whether or not Karma gets to the point where she starts to think of her friendship with Amy as something more than just that, and he has an idea for where he would like for it to go. For now, he is “just hoping we have the episodes to do it.” Since the show has already been renewed for a third season, he has that.

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