‘Supergirl’ season 1, episode 3 review: Superman saves Kara, will it do more harm then good?

Supergirl -Last week on “Supergirl”, Kara learned that her aunt is still alive… also that she is evil. She escaped capture by Kara, but we know there will be another showdown at some point. Cat got her interview with Supergirl, but is the exclusive story going to be favorable for Supergirl or is Cat going to give her a bad interview?

Tonight’s episode jumps right into Cat’s interview with Supergirl and Cat is incredibly rude with her questioning. After asking for the interview we expected Cat to ask some more poignant questions then just attack her about not doing enough for earth and asking her if she wants to have kids. Cat’s interviewing skills are really quite bad and her character is so closely mirrored to “The Devil Wears Prada” boss Miranda Priestly that they could be the same character, but she was able to get Kara to admit that Superman is her cousin so we guess that’s something. Cat has decided that she wants to be the one to write up the interview with Supergirl, but after reading it, Kara decides to confront Cat about the very nasty write up about Supergirl.

The villain of the week was someone that has been after Superman for years who has actually almost killed Clark at one point, but when James suggests that Supergirl call her cousin and work together on this, Kara doesn’t want her cousin’s help and wants to show that she can do this on her own. We really like this storyline and it’s very canon with the comics and how she wants to be her own hero (she eventually loses the “S” symbol, cuts her hair and becomes Powergirl as a way to show that she is independent.)

Kara goes after this villain alone and is unable to fight him…. and we get our first glimpse of Superman! He flies in and saves her, and while Kara should be thankful to be alive, she’s upset at James for calling him in to help. After finally defeating the villain, we see a text conversation between Clark and Kara where she thanks him for saving her life, and he thanks her for taking down a villain he never could. We were really happy to see Superman make an appearance since it didn’t make sense that Kara would be on earth and Clark wouldn’t reach out.

As for the romance brewing with James and Kara…. we saw Lois Lane’s sister show up to talk to James. It seems that there may have been something between these two, but it’s too early to tell at this point.

For us, this show is still stumbling and really needs to find it’s footing. We like the “girl power” message, but find that it is a little overwhelming and can be shown to us without saying it many times over. Show us why she’s super, don’t spell it out for us. We just want a chance to get to know Kara better and hope that it will start to unfold soon. Episode grade: C+

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