‘Faking It’ season 2 finale review: Is there hope for Amy and Karma after the kiss?

Faking ItWe’ve now made it to the end of season 2 of “Faking It,” and we feel like there is an appropriate question to ask at the moment: Did anything really happen? Are we that much further ahead with this story than we were at the end of season 1?

We feel like the answer to that question, depending on your viewpoint, is both “yes” and “no.”

What the MTV series did not accomplish in this episode was pairing up Karma or Amy; instead, the latter decided to leave to do a tour as a videographer for some of Reagan’s musician friends as a way to finally get over the feelings she had for her best friend. She asked Karma whether or not there was something more behind the kiss the two shared in the pool, and when she said “no,” that was all she needed to hear to move on.

We feel like so far as a twist ending goes, this was effective in that it furthers along the will-they-or-won’t-they of it all. Maybe someone feels like with this show in particular there won’t be much drama after Amy and Karma get together, giving that everyone around them seems very accepting. Maybe that is true. We do think that it would have been too much of a reach to hook them up so soon after the kiss, mostly because of the fact that Karma still doesn’t seem to be conscious of her feelings just yet.

That is where the finale lets down the story. If they wanted a real, genuine cliffhanger, we would’ve done more to show that Karma was starting to process these feelings, and that maybe she should have opened her heart up more to the possibility of loving her best friend. Instead, we’re going to have to start fresh.

Since the finale focused so much on Amy and Karma (and their lack of progress), there were not a lot of other stories to pick up the slack. It was nice to see Lauren save Hester rather than go back to her old, vapid friends in Dallas, just as it is nice to see Liam hoping to find his real father. We still don’t know how to pin down Zita as a character, though; she was conniving earlier this season, but comes across strictly benevolent now. Maybe she just wants Liam and if she has him, she’s happy. Hard to say. It’s as confusing as the ambiguity over some of these characters’ ages.

Ultimately, we praise “Faking It” tonight for the laughs and for a solid second season; still, we do wish at the end of 20 episodes that the show took a little bit more of a risk to propel its main story forward. Grade: B-.

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