‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 6 review: Does Tom have the key to clearing Liz’s name?

The Blacklist logo any seasonDembe is off to get some help for his gunshot wound on “The Blacklist” and we are hopeful that he will come out of this whole thing okay, because if there is no more Dembe, we will be heartbroken. Luckily he’s not alone, Liz is on the plane with him and taking care of him – even though he’s being stubborn as usual.

“The Blacklist” this season has Liz and Reddington on the run, but they have still found a way to keep the actual blacklisters coming onto the show each week, since each person Reddington is after is someone that can help clear Liz’s name. Unfortunately, the Director (Peter) has full access to the FBI, everyone on the task force, and Ressler’s connections to Liz and Reddington so while Reddington has given another blacklister name to the FBI tonight (Crispin), the director also knows the same information giving him a chance to find Liz and Reddington to have them killed.

They eventually find Crispin flying around the world, but after grounding his fuel tanker the FBI has a location on the plane, or so they think. The director has given them false information sending them on a wild goose chase, while he sends Matthias to meet Liz and Reddington at the plane landing site – to kill them. Ressler figures out that they have been sent to the wrong place, but it has given Reddington a chance to pump Crispin for information. After learning what he wants (and stealing the thumbs from one of the people being held in a cryogenic tank), he shoots Crispin and is able to escape before Matthias has a chance to kill them. Reddington takes the thumbs to open a safe deposit box that the director has – what was in the box? Ressler knows there is something in there that will help Liz, but he’s not sure how.

The phone conversation between the director and Reddington was fantastic. As much information that Reddington has so far on him and the Cabal, it’s not enough to make Peter turn on them. Does he have another play?

Asher is not interested in talking to Tom anymore, but Tom won’t leave him alone as he tries to flush out Karakurt. Everything  worked out well for Tom as he ends up getting taken by some of Karakurt’s men… the bad news is, he and Asher are being forced to fight to the death. How is Tom going to get out of this one? As it turns out he’s not able to get out of it, and in fact he has to fight Asher and kills him in order to get a chance to speak to Karakurt. Tom tells him that he knows that he’s Karakurt and that going to take him back to the station to clear Liz’s name and by the end of his speech, Tom was dragging Karakurt out by the scruff of his neck.

We can’t say enough about Ryan Eggold and his performance on this show. When he’s given strong storylines like the one tonight, it’s just another reminder of why we would be devastated if he was ever killed off. There was a lot of great stuff with Reddington and Liz tonight, but it was TOm that stole the show for us. Episode grade: B+

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