CarterMatt’s Scare-O-Ween: Is ‘The Originals’ season 3 bringing enough Halloween ‘cheer’?

Originals -We at CarterMatt have made it very clear that we love our Halloween specials, and for a variety of reasons: They’re sometimes-spooky, sometimes-freaky, and above all fun. They are the appetizer to prepare you for the holiday, and they get you in the right sort of spirit.

That’s why we are glad that many shows do choose to embrace the madness in one way or another, with “The Originals” being one of them. They already embraced the holiday somewhat with “Live and Let Die” last season, and are doing something at least thematically right for the holiday on Thursday with “A Walk on the Wild Side.” While we cannot tell you that there will be jack-o-lanterns on the streets of New Orleans, the show will have a variety of other popular Halloween themes / tropes to show off.

1. A costume party – Well, sort of. In this episode Elijah and Hayley could be attending an event put on by the Strix, a group of ancient vampires. This gala is one that could provide them with answers, but more than anything, it should give us fancy costumes. This is something that sister show “The Vampire Diaries” does a great job typically of providing as well around this time of year.

2. Fangs – Hey, this is a show about vampires. That’s always going to be a part of the equation on “The Originals,” and luckily it has that natural tie-in.

3. General intimidation / violence – Whether you are looking at Klaus’ intimidation tactics, Klaus getting angry, or really anything when it comes to Klaus, he is the show’s perfect Halloween ambassador. He is probably the most consistently-monstrous character that either of the Julie Plec dramas on The CW have, and therefore he is the sort of scary vampire that inhabits the dreams of people when you are young.

Is there more that “The Originals” could do? Sure, since we’d like to see more fun had with the holiday itself, or fun that plays off of how people like to pretend to be creatures like vampires and werewolves even though they actually exist in this world. Still, we’re not going to not-pick a show that has done a pretty decent job of at least keeping the spirit alive.

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