‘Shiptober: Will ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2 bring back Eve for Annalise?

How to Get Away with Murder -

Mrs. Carter: It was a romance few saw coming going into “How to Get Away with Murder” season 2.

While we saw Viola Davis’ character of Annalise Keating married throughout season 1, it was far from a happy marriage. Not only that, but we knew from almost the beginning that Sam was going to wind up dead. It was hard to forge an emotional attachment to a guy who seemed like a pretty terrible person, and someone Annalise was frankly not right for.

So to find out that there was this other great love out there for her in Eve (Famke Janssen) was a breath of fresh air. While it was a surprise to learn this aspect of Annalise’s sexuality, it was even more of a surprise to see her so vulnerable with someone that she had a deep-seeded relationship with in the past. It’s incredibly complicated (all things are with this show), but we’ve already been left to wonder if there could ever be something for these two characters if they found themselves in the right position in life.

Below, take a look at the case both for and against pairing up Annalise and Eve in the latest chapter of our ‘Shiptober series.

The case for Annalise / Eve – For one, this is a chance to see Annalise like we’ve never seen her before. There is longing here, as is love and a desire to be there for someone else. Eve knew her clearly at a very different time in her life, before the chaos and the Keating Five and when things were at least seemingly a little more simple. Being with her could bring her back to those days. While we don’t know a whole lot about Eve, there is a certain fascination that would come out of seeing how Annalise in turn helps her deal with some of her own demons. We have a hard time thinking that she has a squeaky-clean image, and a closet without skeletons in it.

The case for not pairing them up – Maybe these two are better off as an unattainable ideal, since we’re not sure the idea of this show is to give Annalise any stability. Also, there are logic hurdles. They live in separate places, and for Keating to uproot everything to be with her would change the fabric of the show. Maybe Eve is best as someone who flutters in and out of her life from time to time, and makes Annalise wonder if this is what her life could be. Maybe she wants to make the jump, but something holds her back and that leads to her wondering psychologically if there is a part of herself that doesn’t want her to be happy. As much as we’d like to see her in a happy relationship, from a character-study perspective it is pretty easy to admit that there is so much material to be mined from having these two characters at arm’s length.

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