‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 19 review: Was this the Amy – Karma moment you wanted?

Faking It -This just in on MTV’s “Faking It“: Karma and Amy kissed! The difference this time around is that it was not nearly as fake as it has been in the past.

The big moment, which had unfortunately been spoiled in many trailers leading up to tonight (bad job on that, MTV) came after Karma was starting to go off the rails and become someone that she was not. She was just struggling seeing Amy move on with Felix, Liam start to look elsewhere, and she was stuck in the same gear, living in a car and feeling like life was not getting any better. The fact that she was very much involved in this kiss happening is the manifestation of the feelings that we saw at the end of season 2A.

We’ll get more into the long-term ramifications of the kiss moving into our preview, but it certainly came at the right time for the end of this season to have stakes. Also, it came at a time when the kiss would have in particular the biggest impact on their lives as a whole. It was hardly something done in private, even if they tried to pass it off as just another part of their “wild” party antics during the night.

Also worth noting tonight? Lauren realizing that she may have left a great thing with Theo, even if it required keeping a secret, for something that wasn’t real. She wants a normal life, but she has to realize that sometimes that comes with some abnormalities. For her, hers may just by a boyfriend who is secretly an undercover cop.

This episode as a whole had what most fans have been waiting for: Humor, plot progression, and a moment that Karma / Amy fans can really get behind. It definitely sets the stage for big things next week. Grade: A-.

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