‘Shiptober: Will ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 bring great things for Scott, Kira?

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Mrs. Carter: The long wait for “Teen Wolf” continues…

It has been a while now since the first half of season 5 came to a close, and with Theo forming his own pact and with the Dread Doctors up to something, it remains pretty clear that Scott McCall is not in a particularly great place. As a matter of fact, we’re not sure just how much time (if any) he is going to have to think about his future with Kira. The two have been through bumps and the road and being apart here and there, but for the time being, we’d say that they may have the potential to be the show’s most-stable couple.

Do we see this trend continuing moving into the second half of season 5? In this new ‘Shiptober piece, we’re going to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the relationship continuing to stay on solid footing.

The case for happy times – Shouldn’t there be at least one stable relationship on the show? Sure, these characters are young, and that from time to time can lead to a little bit of indecision and characters making rash decisions. The thing here, though, is that these are no ordinary characters, and Tyler Posey and Arden Cho’s characters have been through a lot already. Plus, every person in high school knows that one couple who pretty much stay together no matter what is thrown at them. Scott and Kira could be this couple while some other characters see their romantic lives in a greater state of flux.

Plus, we’re only talking about dating right now. We don’t think keeping them together is so unreasonable given that we’re not asking them to get married.

The case for struggle – The easiest argument to make here is that these two characters have been through so much that sooner or later, they could hit a breaking point. Even when you are strong, something can happen that causes you to rethink everything. If there was ever a case for the classic TV trope “I’m doing this to protect you,” it could be Scott breaking up with Kira out of fear the relationship would have her be a target. We have a hard time seeing them breaking up through other means; they’re both mature and care about each other, so the biggest thing standing in their way is more or less the same sort of stuff that always stands in their way. The question is just how much is too much when it comes to balancing a love life and a million threats being thrown in your direction.

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