‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Will Abi-Maria, Woo stay alive on Angkor?

Woo -

The great news for the Angkor tribe on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” is that they actually had a chance to make it through one immunity challenge without having to go to Tribal Council. The problem? They may still have to go to another soon. We do think they probably would’ve bee okay this past episode even without Stephen Fishbach scoring for them, but they are overall the weakest tribe physically, and also the most dysfunctional.

As always, we’re going to rank these tribes using a variety of different factors: Strategy, edit, threat level, social game, and whether or not they have a shot at winning at the end.

4. Abi-Maria Gomes – For a while, we thought that Tasha would be compelled to want to keep her around as a number she could control. However, she made a really good point at the end of this past episode that Woo is someone who is much easier to control and order around as you get further into the game. This means trouble for Abi unless Angkor wins the next immunity challenge.

3. Woo Hwang – Woo’s reputation may hinder him when it comes to his ability to win the game, but it’s clearly working for him right now. If Tasha thinks that he will be a loyal soldier and someone who doesn’t require a lot of stress, she will be compelled to keep him for a while. If we were Woo, we’d play on that and then make a move when the timing is right. We’re just not sure if he will ever do this.

2. Andrew Savage – There is no doubt that Savage has done a good job the past several episodes. The problem for him comes at another tribe swap, the merge, or a further part of the game. He’s such a prominent personality and leader that he’s never going to be under the radar. Therefore, people are likelier to get rid of him early, even though he could be a better person to take further in the game than someone like Tasha, who has played a better overall game.

1. Tasha Fox – We’ve talked about Woo and Abi-Maria through the lens of Tasha for one reason and one reason only: She is ruling this tribe, and really the game at this point. She can be at times a little too direct when she doesn’t need to be (publicly calling out Varner), but she’s a great challenge competitor, a smart strategist, and she’s likable enough to win at the end.

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