‘Shark Tank’ review: XCraft, Switch Witch, Three Jerks Jerky, the Skinny Mirror

Shark Tank -Shark Tank” on Friday night had a wide array of products, whether it be food, a unique mirror, a drone of all thing, and a Halloween product that is certainly seasonal. Not all of these are hits, but we certainly have a craving for beef jerky after watching this. We had a pretty familiar lineup of Sharks, as well, with Barbara Corcoran being the only one missing in action.

Three Jerks Jerky – This jerky looks delicious. Not only that, but apparently the majority of the Sharks all love jerky. Who knew? This was a really great negotiation, mostly because there were so many people interested and that meant some unique offers were thrown around. It seemed almost like they wanted Kevin O’Leary, but really Daymond John made them the best offer that gave them what they wanted now, but also a little bit of what they would want down the road.

The Skinny Mirror – Is this really a way to revolutionize the beauty industry? It’s not really. The pitch was pretty bad, especially the idea of marketing it so that retailers can use it to create some sort of false impression. Ultimately, we just think that it could psychologically lure you into a false sense of how you truly look when it is not the case; we don’t know enough about body image to start really firing off shots at it, so let’s just say this is not a product we’d be interested in and the Sharks seemed to make the right move. No deal.

Switch Witch – Is this a great Halloween treat, or more of a trick? We actually think that Mark Cuban was completely on point in his critique of this: The best thing that you can do with the problem of kids having too much candy is have them pick and choose some of their favorites after the fact and throw the rest away. This just complicates things to the point where they don’t need to be. Also, we don’t really love the whole bait-and-switch thing on kids for the one time of year they should be able to have a bunch of candy. No deal.

XCraft – Does anyone have a ton of money to burn on a drone? This idea is out there; yet, what we learned tonight is that we really don’t know much about drones. We weren’t sure who would buy this, but we weren’t thinking from the commercial standpoint. Every Shark in the tank bought in on this, giving them a huge evaluation and making this one of the richer deals we’ve seen in some time.

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