‘The Amazing Race 27’ episode 5 review: Read your clue, volume one billion

Amazing RaceAre you ready for another episode of “The Amazing Race 27”? We sure are, especially after the cliffhanger we saw this past week.

Let’s start by taking a quick look at what happened in the aftermath of this past episode … which was almost nothing. Tanner & Josh gave the Express Pass to Denise & James Earl, and nobody went home. The U-Turn wasn’t really a factor Are the news reporters going to hold that against them?

The teams moved forward to the Batoka Gorge which is the very first “Amazing Race” task from the first season! This Roadblock has them zip-lining across the gorge. Justin took on the challenge as the first team to arrive with Josh and Tanner right behind them. Josh thanked Justin for keeping his word by not U-turning him and says that they plan on honoring that deal for the rest of the season … not that this matters. As a matter of fact, most of the conflict from last week was old news.

Early on, Denise & James Earl did an interesting thing in burning the Express Pass. Maybe they knew this was an elimination leg? If that’s the case, we’re fine with them trying to think politically when it comes to how to use it. Hey, it worked! They won their first leg of the season after overtaking Justin & Diana, and maybe that gives them so momentum. We really like them as a unique team, and hope they stick around a while.

As much fun as the location and the animal encounters were, one of the problems with the leg was that there really wasn’t that much room for teams to pass each other. There were limits as to how many teams could be in the same place at one time. Thankfully, we still have a little bit of drama at the end courtesy of the Track Stars somehow forgetting Important Race Rule #1: Read the clue at all times! Seriously. We really like them and hoped they would be around for a while, but they really needed to take a minute and read.

What made this all hilarious is that everything came down to a race involving people having to put baskets of fruit on their head and walk. Despite all of their fighting, Logan & Chris managed to finish in sixth place, Rick & Cindy were in seventh, and Jazmine & Danielle were last. They weren’t able to unfortunately recover from their clue-reading fiasco. Episode grade: B.

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