‘Shiptober: Will ‘Awkward’ season 5 end with joy for Matty, Jenna?

AwkwardMrs. Carter: Is “Awkward” destined to have a pleasant end?

When you look at the MTV show, it seems almost inevitable that the show will decide to give fans what they want with a Jenna – Matty relationship. These two characters have been at the forefront of really everything since the start of the series. As a matter of fact, Jenna has already realized that Matty is the reason why every other relationship that she’s had has fallen completely apart.

Given that an ending for this series that does not pair up these characters would be extremely unsatisfying, we want to end this particular edition of ‘Shiptober in a different way: By posing the question as to whether or not the two should get together before the end of season 5A. We feel pretty good about their future beyond that in season 5B, mostly because that is the final season of the show, and we cannot imagine there being some great ending cultivated for the two then.

The case for getting Jenna and Matty together soon – It’s mostly a matter of giving fans what they want. This show has went on for years, and it’s been some time since the two characters actually had a relationship going. If you pair them together for now, it at least offers some temporary satisfaction before you jump forward in time in between the first half of the season and the second. Since the show is probably going to be on hiatus until the spring, it could benefit producers to give fans at least a little bit of what they want right now. Otherwise, will they still be there in the spring? How long can you drag out a confession?

The case for keeping them apart – This is really the way to go if you want more drama first and foremost. It prolongs the “will they or won’t they” part of the equation, and also confirms that Jenna is still in her head about college and the future. The only reason that she hasn’t wanted to be with Matty is because she doesn’t think that it would really last while the two go off to school, and we’d get a chance to see the two approach a potentially relationship in 5B with a new set of eyes after a year apart. Could the two not getting together right now be better for them in the long run, and make it clear that they can overcome something like distance? It’s at least possible.

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