‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 5 review: Questions about Reddington, Liz romance posed

The Blacklist logo any seasonThere is a lot going on with “The Blacklist” season 3 right now. We have Reddington and Liz trying to collect as much evidence as they can to clear her name, Dembe has been shot, Vargas is selling Reddington out and Tom has come charging in to help Liz claiming it is all in the name of love.

There is a assassin/vigilante that is looking to take down Liz. He believes that there are certain people that do not deserve to live and he has deemed Liz to be one of those people. Reddington has gone to Ressler for help since this assassin is tough to shake and he agrees to help Reddington so that he can get to Liz and arrest her. After getting shot at and missed a number of times by this assassin (he seems to be kind of terrible at his job to be honest), Liz and Reddington find him… briefly. Before he dies, he reveals to Reddington that there are more assassins coming after Liz and that there is a bounty on her (listed on a site on the dark web), but only if she’s brought in dead. Reddington sets up Liz’s “death” to post on the website so that her name can be taken down off the website and the assassins will stop coming.

Reddington thinks that Dembe has reached out to him to meet up, but we know that Dembe has been shot and that Vargas has the phone number to get to Reddington. When Vargas gets out of the car, Reddington is rightfully confused, so Vargas tries to say that he had to leave Dembe behind and that he is dead. Vargas leads Reddington and Liz into a trap headed by the man that was holding Dembe captive, Matthias. Just before Liz is killed, Dembe comes to the rescue and helps them escape. Is Dembe going to live through his gunshot wound? Reddington gets him help and it looks like Dembe will be okay.

Ressler is asked to testify in front of the commissioner about the information he has on Liz, the Cabal and the Fulcrum and he reveals that he thinks that Liz is innocent. This is the first time he’s been straight about how he feels about this whole situation and we are happy to know that he’s on her side. The Director was able to get through to the commissioner and forces Ressler to work with the Director and share information or he will be replaced with someone who will co-operate.

Tom is becoming closer with Sutton and he has asked Tom to come to his engagement party now that Sutton has found him completely fascinating. At the party, Tom sees that Sutton is getting shaken down for money that he owes and tries to help the situation, but really he’s just helping himself to get closer to the men that are trying to shake Sutton down.

For the Lizzington shippers out there, this was definitely an episode to make you happy! Not only was there a beautiful embrace that happened between Reddington and Liz, but she was also referred to as his “Girlfriend” at one point in the episode by Matthias. It was even pointed out by Matthias that “everyone wants to know what the deal is between them” – are the daddy and daughter or lovers? The jury is still out on that one, but at least the network is acknowledging that a romance between them is on the minds of many. Episode grade: A-

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