CarterMatt’s Scare-O-Ween: Should ‘Supernatural’ revisit Halloween beyond season 11?

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If there is a show that is tailor-made for all things Halloween, we certainly think that it is “Supernatural.” This is a show that introduces monsters, demons, werewolves, something called the Darkness, and a variety of other elements that make it perfect for the holiday.

When you think about this, it’s somewhat crazy to think that the show has really not done that much when it comes to creating content that is specifically tied to the holiday. It’s been years since we’ve seen anything that is particularly catered to it, even if you can make a pretty solid case that with this show, almost every single episode is a “Halloween episode” in its own right. They all capture some of the common themes, and work hard to ensure that you are freaked out to some degree.

So why go the extra step? We have a few suggestions here in the latest edition of our Scare-O-Ween article series.

Winchesters celebrating holidays – They are not really the sort to do this, but there’s fun to be had anytime that you throw these two out of their element somewhat.

It makes matters more confusing – If the brothers are hunting a monster, wouldn’t it be so much harder to detect them on Halloween night?

Humor – Thanks to the way in which “Supernatural” is structured in terms of its schedule, by the time you get around to October 31 you have resolved the cliffhanger. Therefore, this opens the door to some sort of one-off story that could be right in the vein of what the show tends to do already.

New monsters – Even though this show has been on more than a decade, we do still think there are some that have yet to be explored. In particular, as of late we’ve spent a lot of time with angels and demons, and a little less time with some other mythologies.

Longtime fans of “Supernatural” will remember that there is another notable Halloween special in the show’s history, but you have to go back all the way to season 4 to see it: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.” We found this one particularly fun, mostly because it captured the spirit of the show while at the same time figuring out a way to add something new.

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