‘The X Factor’ UK rankings: Where Louisa Johnson, Kiera Weathers, Monica Michael stand for Rita Ora

Rita -The X Factor” is airing Judges’ Houses this weekend, and there may be a pretty wide consensus that Rita Ora has one of the best overall teams. She’s got at least a number of winner contenders on here, and even some who don’t end up making it far could still have a career in the right circumstances.

So who are the artists most likely to advance? We’re putting them today through our time-honored rankings formula, which looks at performance quality, edit, and ability to generate votes in the live shows as important ingredients.

6. Havva Rebke – A very talented singer, but of the group on this list, she’s probably the one that you may have the hardest time consistently remembering. There are so many singers here who’ve had a tone of airtime that the one who didn’t until this point stands out.

5. Chloe Paige – Chloe is in the sort of spot of a singer who may be better suited by rejection this year. She’s still very young, and could use a little more time to go out and perform before eventually getting back on this stage. This is really the only slight against her.

4. Lauren Murray – To us, this is where things get really interesting. When Lauren is 100%, she is one of the most unique, talented people in the competition. She’s not the best singer of the group, but she makes up for it in style. The problem is that she’s inconsistent, so we don’t have a ton of confidence that she will come into Judges’ Houses and nail it.

3. Monica Michael – She’s got a great voice, a substantial edit this season, and has been on the show now for two years. Her edit may have anointed her a little too much at times for her own good, but we have to think that given all of the hype, Rita is going to want to include her in the next part of the contest.

2. Kiera Weathers – She’s been considered by the British press to be a favorite for some time, and she’s got that perfect combination of ability, style, and personality that you want from a pop star and contender on this show. We do worry sometimes about the Girls getting votes in the live shows, but Kiera is one of the safest bets here.

1. Louisa Johnson – There’s no other way to go here. Louisa has received almost the same amount of airtime as Monica, and as been exceptional every single time. She’s someone the judges love, the press is raving about, and will be both relatable and confident at the same time in the live shows. She is, at least for now, the top candidate from Rita’s team.

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