‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 6 preview: Is someone leaving the game?

Survivor -At this point a medical evacuation / quit seems like an almost seasonal occasion on “Survivor,” and you really hate to see something go down on an All-Star season. Unfortunately, that does seem to be what is happening next week unless the preview that aired Wednesday night is incredibly deceiving.

Let’s state first and foremost that the odds of this being a quit are probably close to 0%. These people campaigned for weeks to get back on the show, so to see one of them give up their shot would be a huge insult to the fans. If anything, maybe there is an injury that causes Jeff Probst to show up at camp in the middle of the night.

The edit certainly wants you to think that this is happening over at Ta Keo beach, and they also included a quote from Kass for good measure. The quote is probably a little bit of a red herring; it’s probably anyone other than Kass who is in danger. Let’s just hope that somehow, they can find a way to stay in the game, even though anytime Jeff visits you, it’s about as close to a kiss of death as you are going to get on this particular show.

Elsewhere next week, Stephen apparently suggests a huge move to Jeremy that could change everything in the game … and we have no idea who it is. There is not really anyone left on Bayon whose blindside would complete shock us, unless the show is doing some other tribe swap or bringing us back to two tribes after someone is evacuated and the numbers are at 14.

We’ll give you some more insight in the coming days as we know more. For now, we just hope the episode is anywhere close to as good as what we had tonight.

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