‘Shiptober: Will ‘Girl Meets World’ season 2 feature more of Lucas, Riley, Maya

Girl Meets World -Mrs. Carter: Where does the “Girl Meets World” love triangle stand?

The Disney Channel series has executed something very interesting over the course of the second season, and it’s something we definitely did not see coming: They’ve managed to create a young-love-story that has united both the standard network viewers and adults alike. Everyone has an opinion on it, and the viewers who came hoping to just watch the further adventures of Cory and Topanga now are invested in what happens to Riley, Lucas, and Maya, as well.

The aftermath of “Girl Meets Texas” over this past weekend has these characters in an interesting place, and one that makes them perfect candidates for discussion in the latest chapter of our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series. We’re going to lay out the case for both Riley / Lucas and Maya / Lucas below, and at the end of the article you can jump in with some of your thoughts!

The case for Riley / Lucas – From the very beginning of the show, this is the narrative that the series has really pushed. We’ve always known that Riley was into him, and we have seen so many examples of how he has influenced the way she thinks. Also, “Girl Meets Texas” showed us that he is seemingly into her, but she held back after starting to realize that her best friend harbored some feelings of her own. It was a very mature thing for Riley to take a step back for now, and while it seems like she put this relationship a few steps back, it could be better in the long-term because of it. If Maya realizes that there’s nothing there between her and Lucas, some of the unspoken tension could stop. Pairing up these two main characters would ultimately be a nice message that while relationships are not always easy and you do have to work for them, you can still get what you want.

The case for Maya / Lucas – There’s also an interesting case to be made here for the element of surprise, and that sometimes in life, not everything you expect to happen does. Maya’s feelings for Lucas have been more under-the-radar, and that is in part due to her fear of expressing vulnerability. These two together could have a different vibe and chemistry, and if the goal for this show is to make things a little harder to project, a long-term relationship here could make you wonder just how Riley’s story could end. They have chemistry in their own way, and regardless of if Lucas and her choose to continue dating, this is a story that will need to be addressed further.

Given that this is a Disney Channel show and one still fairly early in its run, we don’t expect an answer to this question either way. The show is better off keeping everyone friendly and making this a slow-burn, since there will be time for characters to talk things out in the weeks, months, and hopefully years ahead.

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