‘Shiptober: Will ‘Gotham’ season 2 keep Jim Gordon, Lee Thompkins together?

Lee -Mrs. Carter: Can love last on a show like “Gotham“?

What is somewhat interesting about this show compared to many others in the Warner Bros. – DC Comics TV roster at the moment is that when you think about it, romance and ‘shipping are really not at the forefront. There’s not an Oliver – Felicity or a Barry – Iris pairing that drives fans to campaign heavily on Twitter. Sure, Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean were together for a while, but we already saw how that ended; meanwhile, we don’t see things ending well for Edward Nygma and Kristen Kringle.

So with this latest edition of our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series, we’re going to focus for a minute on what is the most stable couple at the moment in Gordon and Lee Thompkins. Can they really keep their relationship going for the rest of season 2? There is evidence both for and against it happening.

The case for keeping the romance strong – When you look at Jim’s life at the moment, very little is stable. He’s making deals with people like Theo Galavan who are secretly evil, is battling crime syndicates like the one led by the Penguin, and still has the isolated lone-wolf criminals to deal with. Lee is the one person he can rely on, and she is a stabilizing element in his life. For her, we think that she likes having a certain element of danger in her own right. It’s not necessarily something that she would admit, but there’s a reason why she hasn’t run from this relationship yet. Keeping them together would give Jim something to fight for, and something that he needs to protect moving forward. This could be even more significant if the show decides to write in Morena Baccarin’s real-life pregnancy into the story.

The case for splitting them up – If the show really wants to put Jim at rock bottom, how about separating him from Lee? He’s shown a history of getting too invovled in his work, and at a certain point the danger level may be too high, even for her. It’s a way to leave both characters fluttering in the wind, and we wonder what a single Lee would look like in this world. We do know that she’d have some suitors. During “The Last Laugh,” we had a notable scene between Alfred and her that was a nice reminder of the fact that in some iterations of the comics, she is partially responsible for raising Bruce Wayne.

There’s still plenty of time one way or another for “Gotham” to make up their mind. We’re not even a quarter of the way through season 2 yet, and surprises lie around every corner.

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