‘Shiptober: Will ‘Power’ season 3 bring more drama for Jamie, Angela?

Power -Mrs. Carter: Is Ghost really dead on “Power“?

At the end of “Power’s” second second, the show and Jamie both made a pretty grand effort to convince us that this part of the man’s life was transitioning to be a part of his past. He realized that he was in too deep, and one of the only ways to get himself out was to release himself of many of the troubles that plagued him. Angela agreed to keep the relationship going provided that the two could get back to the way things once were … back when he was strictly Jamie.

The thing is that we know that the odds of Jamie not being Ghost in some form on season 3 are about 0.0001%. The show would be boring if he was suddenly a good guy not trying to pull strings with crime syndicates behind the scenes. Even if he doesn’t get too far into crime this time, he’s still got Tasha and his family to think about … and the complications that provides for whatever is going to happen between him and Angela. These two are probably the most dysfunctional couple on premium cable out there, and there’s really no reason why they should keep this going. Yet, they are, and that puts us in an interesting position to look towards the future as a part of our latest CarterMatt ‘Shiptober article.

The case for more Jamie / Angela – The biggest reason to keep these two romantically involved is for story purposes. Even if you don’t like the two actually together, it gives the guy unprecedented access to the police and a relative degree of safety. It also blurs the lines for Angela in terms of what is right and wrong, and in a sense, the two know that if something happens and they burn a bridge with the other person, they could be in a position to ruin everything. That sort of danger is an exciting proposition for a relationship, especially one that has become as hot-and-cold as this one.

The case for less Jamie / Angela – At the same time, haven’t we already been here and done this? There’s an argument to be made to turn the two into either mortal enemies or to actually give Jamie more time to spend with Tasha, just to see what would develop as a result of all of this. Or, how about seeing what happens when Jamie really starts to enter lone-wolf mode? The longer that people choose to associate with him, the more dangerous it could become in the long-term. Just look at what happened to the significant others of similar antihero characters, such as Jax Teller on “Sons of Anarchy.”

“Power” season 3 is not premiering until next summer most likely, so there’s plenty of time to speculate.

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