‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 18 review: Prom leads to Lauren, Karma, and Amy problems galore

Faking It -You knew that an episode of “Faking It” set at prom would be chaotic, but who would’ve predicted that just about every major character would go through some major change between the start and end of the night? Everyone is starting to go off the rails, and there could be trouble galore by the end of the season as a result.

Perhaps the most shocking long-term reveal was the end of Theo and Lauren’s relationship, which came as a result of her realizing that after spending most of her life with a secret, the last thing she really wanted to do was continue to hide something like a relationship. He’d lose his job if the truth ever came out, and with that, everything is over before it really started to even get going. She had a dance out on the floor with her ex Tommy, otherwise known as the guy who previously acted obnoxiously to the news that she was intersex, and this caused her to rethink much of what she wanted her time in school to be.

Meanwhile, for Karma her night consisted of continuing to keep her insane ruse that she and Shane actually wanted to have a three-way date with Wade, even to the point where the two of them went all the way to a hotel room with it. Both are trying to nurse the pain of other breakups, and as a result completely losing much of themselves in the process. Meanwhile, Liam kissed Shane’s sister, further proving that there are always people on this show for some reason who want to date high schoolers. We don’t remember this being so much a thing when we were in high school.

Also, Amy and Felix finally kissed, fulfilling a story that first seemed obvious a good five or six weeks ago.

We suppose that this prom episode was important for pushing the story forward in a variety of different ways, but other than some references to “The Bachelor,” it really forgot in the process to be funny. This humor and zing is what has made this show stand out in the MTV / teen comedy crowd. Episode Grade: C+.

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