‘The Walking Dead’: season 6, episode 3 review: Glenn in trouble, will he die?

The Walking DeadNow that Carol and Morgan saved Alexandria from the Wolves attack and stopped that horn from blaring we are left with the townsfolk licking their wounds and mourning more losses, but it’s not over yet. The walker horde is still headed their way and Rick, Daryl and the crew have to find a way to get them moving away from their town again. What’s going to happen on tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead”? Let’s find out together.

Rick is losing his humanity a bit and is only focused on keeping the original survivors alive, so when he splits from Michonne and Glenn, he tells them to do whatever it takes to get back to Alexandria alive and to leave the others for dead if they have to, but later Glenn tells Michonne that he’s not doing that. This leads to Michonne and Glenn finding themselves in some very tight spots where we were legitimately worried for them for the first time in a long time. Michonne makes it out alive, but when Glenn and Nicholas find themselves trapped, Nicholas decides to shoot himself in the head and pulls Glenn down into a walker horde with him and we lose Glenn… or did we? There are some theories online floating around that Glenn isn’t really dead and that it was Nicolas’ body being devoured on top of Glenn, but it didn’t look like that to us. Also, if Glenn is dead his name wasn’t mentioned at the “Talking Dead” in memorandum roll call, so that is also suspicious.

If Glenn is indeed dead, then this is a great move by AMC since it seems that our main characters never die and are always able to get out of situations alive. However, Maggie and Glenn have been the beacon of hope through out this series for us and without Glenn, this is gone and our hearts are broken. If Glenn is not dead then it just reinforces to us that the main characters are untouchable on this series and if that’s the case then we should never really worry about them.

There has been a very interesting dynamic growing between Rick and Daryl as these two have very different feelings on how to run things. With Rick being the leader Daryl is still listening to him, but he’s questioning Rick’s actions more and more. Is Daryl going to get fed up at some point and leave? Rick tells Daryl to stick to the plan after he says he wants to go back to Alexandria to make sure everyone is okay after the horn blast, but Rick pressures him to keep with Sasha and Abraham. Daryl agrees at first, but quickly decides to leave the mission and head back to town.

There is also one other loose thread hanging…. did Rick get bit? He’s nursing some sort of wound on his hand and it’s not clear if he cut himself or if he was bit. If AMC kills off both Rick and Glenn this season it might leave Daryl in a position to become a leader.

We really like seeing Rick and Daryl struggling with each other since they have been on the same page for most of the show. It makes sense that at some point they wouldn’t be seeing eye to eye as things change in this world all the time. What we love about it is that Daryl was someone who seemed lost when we first met him and couldn’t make connections with people, where as Rick was a cop who made connections with everyone – now they are reversing their roles. While we love the walkers, the personal stories and relationships are really why we are watching. Episode grade: A

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