‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 spoilers: Will we see more of the Blackfish?

LogoGame of Thrones” is a show that started out at first being a pretty loyal adaptation of the George R.R. Martin source material. However, over time there were certain moves that needed to be made, and many of them caused the show to drift a little bit from the product that it once was. One of the biggest examples of this is the story last season for Jaime Lannister, which feels in retrospect almost like the show making an excuse to introduce the Sand Snakes and Dorne into the story; sure, we also saw the death of Myrcella, but who was really that invested in this story in the first place? She’s been gone for so many seasons now with very little mention of her.

According to a new report from Watchers on the Wall, the show may be trying to rectify some of this for Jaime by giving him one of the more memorable storylines from the books involving him and Riverrun. Clive Russell is poised to return as Brynden Tully a.k.a. the Blackfish, and we could see House Lannister take on this particular locale in a way that we have not to date.

As for whether or not we think that this is a smart story to tell right now, we’re certainly all for it given our love for House Tully. However, at the same time we feel like the show really better prepare for the fact that if they go back there and eventually bring back House Frey, all the Lady Stoneheart champions are going to leap aboard their soapboxes once more, and with good reason. The more Michelle Fairley we can get, the happier we will all be.

The new season is still a ways away from premiering in the spring, but we will continue to bring you all the scoop until then!

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