‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Is there any hope left for Angkor?

Tasha -

We feel like it’s impossible at this point to present a pretty clear defense for the Angkor tribe on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance.” These people are just for the most part a disaster. They don’t win immunity challenges, have the most miserable camp by a mile, and also have shown some serious fractures. There are two people left on this group in Woo and Abi-Maria who have collectively been to every Tribal Council.

Is there any hope for some of these people to turn things around? That’s what we are going to examine more in this particular rankings piece. Strategy and challenge ability are two of the most-important components of our rankings this time around, and to go along with that we’re also considering edit, screen time, and whether or not someone is a huge threat down the road.

4. Abi-Maria Gomes – Abi has had a pretty good run at this point, but if we were Tasha and Andrew, what is the motivation to keep her if they lose another immunity challenge? She is combustible and not a great challenge performer, and there are still more than likely four people to be voted out before the merge. Depending on how producers want to do the next few episodes, you don’t want to take a chance that you keep losing.

3. Woo Hwang – What Woo brings to Savage and Tasha above all else is familiarity. Tasha played with him for many days in Cagayan, so she knows very well what he is capable of bringing to the table. He will be there for you in challenges, and he’ll also be there for you with his loyalty. Keeping him over Abi may be enough to convince him to join your team moving forward.

2. Andrew Savage – At this point, it is hard to envision a situation in the next two episodes where Andrew goes home. He’s an asset to his tribe, and he also just so happens to be in the dominant alliance. Do we think that he is a little too proud of some of his abilities? Sure, but that is more than likely to come back to bite him after the merge.

1. Tasha Fox – Tasha’s playing a great game right now, and could actually be one of the best candidates to win. She’s had a very positive edit, has never been considered a target, and typically, people who have to overcome great adversity in the early going are more capable of beating the odds later. So far, she has definitely done a good job keeping herself safe, even when things have been stacked against her.

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