‘Shark Tank’ review: Dude Wipes, Table 87 Frozen Pizza, Milk + Brookies, EZPeeZ

Shark Tank -Shark Tank” Friday night was mostly about food and the bathroom. It’s a weird combination, and there were some weird products. We do think that a couple of these have potential, especially if you have a craving for a pizza or a certain dessert product.

Take a look at our take on some of the products tonight.

Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza – Can they revolutionize the pizza industry? We’ll give the guy credit, since going onto this we thought that he was just another New Yorker with a pizza brand trying to do the same old thing. Instead, he’s flash-freezing pizzas that are already cooked, and then selling them by the slice for people. Personally, we wouldn’t dig it; we want to buy a whole pizza (we know that’s also offered, but it doesn’t seem to be the priority).

The guy got a good deal! Lori Greiner was completely sold on the idea, his ambition, and gave him a pretty good deal. Barbara Corcoran was interested, but couldn’t move fast enough.

EZPeeZ – The name is a little gross, but we understand that there is a function for this. But is it really better than any other potty-training tool out there? We’re not sure, and we’re sure that this guy’s six-year old child probably doesn’t appreciate being used at an example. We think that there would be customers for it, but the entire pitch as just too intense and he just sold a concept far too hard that is probably not going to sell that well. No deal.

Milk + Brookies – An innovative new dessert treat. It looks really good. Seriously, we would eat a ton of these. Unfortunately for them, everything that the Sharks said was correct. They are three people trying to make a business out of baking customized desserts while working other jobs. There’s just no adequate way to invest in this without people really committed full-time to making it work. Had they waited another year, maybe they would’ve left with something. No deal.

Dude Wipes – Do these make a certain sort of grooming all the easier? We’re not really all that sure that this particular product is all that special or different than anything else we’ve seen before. It’s just got a really nice packaging around it and boasts a way to take care of everything for dudes after using toilet paper. Still, this is the power of a good brand, good packaging, and a good placement in stores. They got Mark Cuban to sweep in at the last second after both Robert and Kevin spent a lot of time quibbling over 2.5% of the company.

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