‘Shiptober: Will ‘The Fosters’ season 3 bring more of Callie and Brandon to the table?

It feels like it’s been months since we’ve written about the ABC Family series, but without new episodes, there is not always a whole lot to talk about. Yet, these two characters have been in particular one of the show’s most-popular couples, and even during the off-season there is something to discuss here as a part of our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series profiling some of TV’s most-popular pairs.

Below, we’ve got a case both for and against these two characters sticking together moving into the rest of the third season, which will probably come back on the air in January.

The case for more Callie and Brandon – First and foremost, the fans seem to want this to happen for the most part. While the reconciliation was a little bit abrupt in the first half of the season, they have made their feelings for one another rather clear. Not only that, but are there as many obstacles laid in front of them as there once was? We wouldn’t say so, mostly because of the fact that the adoption now seems to be done. There are so many interesting dynamics and wrinkles that could be explored now in their relationship, including just how they would handle being a little more open if they chose to. She refused to bring up what happened between the two in front of a judge, so will that prove to be the right decision?

One thing we do know is that the show spent most of the first half of season 3 not really exploring the relationship between these two characters, and with there being many new episodes coming early next year, that means many opportunities.

The case for less Callie and Brandon – We’ll frame it like this. Do we think that these two characters are being designed as endgame? Probably, but if ABC Family / Freeform / whatever the network chooses to call themselves decides to have this series go for many more years, there may not be too much of a hurry to get them together. These characters are still young, and therefore, it’s a little hard to necessarily feel as though they would get together and be in a relationship for the remainder of the series. They’re going to still make mistakes, and even if you ‘ship Callie and Brandon hard, there’s no cause for concern if they don’t act as a couple in the second half of season 3.

As for in the event you’re not a Callie / Brandon fan, the case here is simple: You’d rather see them free to date other characters, and there’s a case to be made for that, as well. It gives them opportunities to explore different aspects of their characters.

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