‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 7, episode 2 review: Caroline’s future, an engagement, and more Elena drama

The latest -We are two episodes in now to “The Vampire Diaries” season 7, and one thing remains very clear: Elena Gilbert is still an enormous part of the show. Nina Dobrev does not even need to be there in person anymore in order for her character to be a focus, and tonight, it was all thanks to Lily Salvatore’s latest strategy to get one of her sons out of her hair: Kidnapping her body.

Lily effectively put Damon in a position where there was really little he could do other than leave town; while Elena is technically not going to be that traumatized in some ways by being dumped off into a body of water somewhere, he doesn’t love the idea. It speaks to the humanity in him to want to be able to do some good for her. His future is at the center of the season, since Damon probably is one of the few truly capable of taking Lily down a notch.

Looking elsewhere, one other thing we’re enjoying right now is Alaric’s attempts to be Dr. Frankenstein when it comes to getting Jo back from the dead, mostly because it makes sense. With almost any other show, maybe we’d sit here and question the sanity of someone like him, but the precedence of people returning is so common he’s not insane for thinking this.

Now, let’s turn a moment for Enzo, the man without a family and without really an alliance. That is why he spent so much time not picking a side; nobody really seemed to be that interested in making him a priority. He claimed that in the end, he chose Lily’s side because of her, and not because he wanted to be one of her minions doing her bidding. We’re not sure that this will work out in the way in which he wants.

We found this episode for the most part compelling, and while we really don’t care still for most of the Heretic characters other than Lily, the flash-forward at the end was certainly compelling. Caroline was engaged! However, it’s not to Stefan. She is working in a newsroom environment … and someone is hunting her just as they are hunting Stefan. Clearly, Caroline is not the mystery woman at the end of the premiere! Episode Grade: B+.

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