‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 4 review: Olinsky does a paternity test, Voight gets answers

Chicago PD -Last week on “Chicago PD” we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger… Voight’s car exploding just as he and his family are about to get in. Is everyone okay? He was able to tell everyone to get back when he heard the unfamiliar “click” from turning the key, but was it enough to save the lives of himself and his family?

Tonight’s episode picks up right where we left off with the car explosion, and everyone is okay!!! Needless to say, Voight is extremely pissed off and someone’s going to pay for this. James Beckett is Voight’s main suspect and is putting his team on finding him and putting him away (or in a box). Seems that Voight wasn’t the only target as Beckett also attacked another retired cop that helped put him away, only he wasn’t as lucky as Voight.

They catch Beckett fairly early in the episode and we expect Voight to kill him in the station, but with so many people watching him there was no way for Voight to get to him. Beckett’s lawyer shows up and gives him an alibi for the murder and attempt on Voight’s life, but not before he reveals that someone on Voight’s team took a million dollars from Beckett during the original case and Voight immediately thinks that it’s Olinsky, but he denies it. So who took Beckett’s money and if Beckett has an alibi then who tried to kill Voight? A man named Nathan has Beckett’s money and hired two kids (under Beckett’s request) to plant the bombs on the cars.

Burgess learns that Adam has been engaged twice before her, and it freaks her out a little bit. So what happened with these two other engagements? One of the engagements was when he was 20, explaining that it was puppy love, but is the explanation enough? She decides to give him the “push test”: Ask him if he wants to push the wedding a year and if he says yes then he’s not serious about getting married. When she asks him about pushing the wedding, Adam agrees – but to be fair, she makes a good case for pushing the wedding back so we aren’t sure that he’s the non-marrying type.

Meredith comes to Olinsky and asks him if he had a paternity test done to prove that this young girl claiming to be his daughter is actually his and he says that he hasn’t. She tells him that if he wants to have any shot at making his family work that he needs to get that done and find out for sure. Olinsky swipes her mouth guard from the gym to use for a paternity test, but when his alleged daughter shows up with a bag full of cookies she made him and makes a better connection with him, he briefly gets cold feet about sending in the test. Eventually he mails it in… to be continued.

There was a lot going on in tonight’s episode, but all of it was great. This was an action packed episode that had us glued to our TV set from start to finish. Everyone had a story tonight, but mostly we were happy to see Olinsky in the spotlight for most of it. Elias Koteas is so great in this role, and anytime there is an episode that focuses on him we can’t help but love it. Episode grade: A-

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